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Simulation confirmed

I, as many other people, have met a lot of strange happenings, almost impossible ones. Here is one of these: Two people, familiar with each other, have lived a very long time in a same town. However, it takes a long time, maybe up to ten years, that they do not meet each other; they are not so close friends to arrange any meetings together. Then it suddenly happens that they meet somewhere in an unusual place, where both of them visit very seldom. And a day or two later they will meet again quite by a chance in a place where they both quite often go, perhaps in a store where they have visited weekly for several years.

Does this story sound familiar to you? If not, you have probably had other incidents that are very strange or whose probability is very small, smaller than a lottery jackpot. These strange events have led me to think for a long time, that we do not live in a real world, but in a simulation created by a civilization, which is much more advanced than we are.

This short example above described belongs to a personal horizon of a human being. You can not draw firm conclusions on this basis, because we can't know how large percentage of people have similar experiences. Recently, however, the whole humanity discovered an event, which is completely absurd and is in no way possible in a real universe. This has confirmed me that we indeed may live inside an artificial simulation.

The selection of Donald Trump as a president of the US, the world's most influential post, is absolutely against a common sense, an incredible event that can't possibly be really happened. A person, who's behaving uncouth, has a poor general knowledge and is acting like a child in a sandbox, was chosen to do this important job. He is also unsustainable for criticism. I do not bother to describe much of that goofing around mr. Trump, I want to tell you only few examples: President Trump held a press conference, where a large extent of the press was totally banned. Mr. Trump also accused the former president of the US from phone-tapping, but did not provide any evidence from that. The United States is, at least an apparently democracy and applies the rule of law, so that kind of presidential behavior is not really possible.

Perhaps a civilization, which has organized our simulation, is tired to this simulation and plans to finish it. This refers, for example, the fact that President Trump denies the existence of a climate change. If a climate change is not vigorously prevented (and we surely know that it is prevented poorly if the United States is not involved), it's alone enough to make this simulation to end.

The idea, that we are living in a simulated reality, is not new. Thoughts like this were considered milleniums ago by ancient philosophers, particularly Plato, although the word simulation had not yet been invented in his life time. Plato also wrote that sometimes he had managed not to look this acted reality around us, instead he had looked back and seen the true reality. Now more than ever, mankind has to wriggle out of this simulation and take matters into our own hands. A civilization, which has put us into this simulation, is apparently going to lose its benevolence. The first thing we have to do is to move aside mr. Donald Trump, a man, who was elected as a president of the US by a very tired and vicious simulator.